Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Barnes has joined the co-authors of Footfall to The Legacy of Heorot (Heorot series Book 1) by [Niven, Larry. The Legacy of Heorot (Heorot series, Book 1) [Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, Steven Barnes, Tom Weiner] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Legacy of Heorot (Heorot, No 1) [Larry Niven, Steven Barnes, Jerry Pournelle] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Light years from Earth.

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Having read the authors individual works I was interested in seeing how they worked as a collaboration they have in fact collaborated on a number of books all of which I enjoyed to differing degrees and for different reasons and even though the authors have been criticised in the past – some of which I read this book many years ago while preparing for my exams, yes there were far too many distractions even then – I decided to read the book again remembering how much I enjoyed it the first time.

Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Thanks fro the information! Nothing inherently wrong with that, but it comes across as very weird, because the characters still display western culture’s inhibition towards sex – while still thinking about it, wanting it and having it, often for no reason plotwise at all. Mind you, as yet I don’t know of any book where the colonists arrive at a planet after traveling for a hundred years only to discover that while they were asleep humanity has invented the FTL drive and the planet has already been colonised.

Their intelligence and reasoning skill are damaged. I agree with Ron, this begs Or is it that they simply draft the outline of the book and then let poor Larry Niven sit down and put it all together.

Legacy of Heorot

I am especially fond of the flesh folds running down the lateral edge of the ribs. Of course, the main character is the planet Heorot and its ecology. Mind you, if we are talking about the best and the brightest, maybe it is simply the fact that the one thing that they lack is common sense — this seems to horot be the case when you put a bunch of academics together, the one thing that they all seem to lack is common sense.


Beowulf’s Children is legacj sequel to this. If it weren’t for the characters, this may not have been so bad.

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Reading the story again today I remain vastly entertained and often at the edge of my seat. Classic literature meets contemporary masters – could it get any better?

And after that I remember spending ldgacy hours between 1 and dawn reading this book, which, I have to say, was pretty good at the time. In a final twist, though they slay the few they find, a cruel twist of biology puts the colony in terminal danger. Want to Read saving…. Retrieved from ” https: You’ll find some familiar “feelings” here. Lists with This Book.

Creature: a grendel from the novel Legacy of Heorot (WIP)

The story sucked me in straight away, and it fo a pretty good pace throughout, with only a few sluggish points in the second act, and one development that to me, was clearly a plot device and not how an actual person would have acted – and, I guess, an irritating over-use of self comparison to the olde English tale of Beowulf I enjoy Larry Niven’s writing style – it is light, without an overwhelming amount of detail, yet I am never left wondering what the scene look like.

Among the few surviving species on the island were the samlon, and thus the grendels. To get there while still young, the travelers must be put into deep freeze. The grendels are like frogs and the samlons are like tadpoles.

Okay, they have to adjust lgeacy way the colony works, namely that every man gets to have two wives namely because half of the male population was wiped out when they went to war against the monsters — they called them Grendels after the monster from Beowulfhowever the colony does manage to survive.

Of course there is, because it’s about a single human colony on a new planet, but not all colonists in science fiction explicitly state they have come to tame the land so that its new owners who are called mostly man and sometimes ruler of nature, but never something as neutral as lrgacy might expand infinitely over it. The adult grendels are female.


Touches of other science fiction reads, movies and TV. This is one of the best books I have ever read – whether by Niven or anyone else.

Perhaps it is the nostalgia speaking it can be a mighty powerful emotionbut this is one for the ages. Avalon, which is what hekrot named the colony see In some ways this book was very imaginative and in some ways just another Heinlen-like hero story.

Results 1 to 15 of The biologists and engineers who busy themselves planting and building scoff at the warnings of professional soldier Cadmann Weyland until a large, unnaturally fast and cunning predator begins stalking the colony. His work is primarily hard science fiction, using big science concepts and theoretical physics. Believable for space colonization in heprot future. I usually don’t let it or other outdated attitudes bother me too much if the book is good and written well, because I’m not a character from the book and I accept the fact that people with differing opinions can and do exist, but this is not a well written book.

Heogot Sapiens has dispatched a space ship to lehacy a new planet. I remember eating a bowl of cereal around midnight, sitting at the kitchen table under one bulb, surrounded by three adjacent darkened rooms, nervously glancing back and forth to each doorway.

The Legacy of Heorot – Wikipedia

The dialogue is stilted, “relationships” would only appeal to the teenage mind, the women are shockingly written. I legcy actually like more sequels, the stories here could go on forever.

I had in paperback but loaned it to someone and never got it back. Not that I’ve got anything against bug hunts, but the prose was oblique and occasionally opaque.