Isu Zon Ekonomi Eksklusif – Download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt /.pptx), PDF Blok 6 dan 7 perairan Ambalat di laut Sulawesi: Msia dan Indonesia 2. isu ambalat pdf editor. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for isu ambalat pdf editor. Will be grateful for any help! Top. oil-rich maritime zone off Borneo in March the Ambalat Kebetulan saya juga tertarik dengan isu-isu hubungan internasional dan.

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Energy security and Ambalat The disputed area, though in deep water, is clearly promising, especially in a commercial environment driven by record crude prices.

China and Japan have been actively courting Russia in an effort to tap into its vast oil reserves located in eastern Siberia, a competition Beijing seems to have won. Comment by sholi — August 31, The ajbalat case study highlights competition between states, the second cooperation. There have been several prominent examples of this phenomenon in the Asia-Pacific of late.

The loss of territory is keenly felt by any state but especially izu Indonesia, still smarting after the violent separation of East Timor in This article anbalat how energy security concerns have impacted maritime boundary and territorial disputes in Southeast Asia. The problem is that while both states have signed and ratified the LOSC and claim 12nm territorial seas and continental shelf and EEZ rights out to nm, only one of the parties has defined the extent of its jurisdictional claims.

To some extent, the posturing of both ieu also serves domestic political ends. The Law of the Sea gives whoever owns these uninhabited rocks rights to fishing, and oil drilling, for over three hundred kilometers from each of these tiny bits of land. Furthermore, in Indonesia the dispute has been characterized by popular anti-Malaysian street protests, flag-burnings and inflammatory nationalist commentary in the media.

Thus while Indonesia reluctantly accepts that Sipadan and Ligitan belong to Malaysia, Jakarta is likely to claim that these small islands are nothing xmbalat than mere rocks within the meaning of Article 3 of the LOSC.

isu ambalat pdf editor – PDF Files

His ordering of the rapid Indonesian military build-up in the region, coupled with statements declaring the non-negotiable nature of Indonesian sovereignty whilst simultaneously calling for a negotiated peaceful resolution to the dispute, reflects the pressures faced by the Indonesian president. The first involves overlapping maritime boundary claims between Indonesia and Malaysia over Ambalat off the east coast of Borneo.


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More serious tensions between China and Japan are brewing in the East China Sea, over access to natural gas. Add to your feed reader: Comment by Nieki — June 4, Additionally, they share common religious, linguistic, historical, and cultural traditions.

Nowhere is this concern more acute than in the Asia-Pacific region, home to some of the fastest growing but energy-resource poor countries in the world. Although caution should be used in respect to such estimates in the absence of in-depth exploration work, particularly test drilling, it seems clear that there is significant potential for offshore oil and gas exploitation in the Ambalat offshore area, which is of obvious national interest to both states, especially in the context of the energy security dilemmas they face.

Indonesian military sources accused the Malaysians of ramming the Indonesian naval craft. Indeed, this is part of the reason why oil prices have risen so quickly: Notify me of new comments via email. President Yudhoyono has therefore been subject to considerable internal political pressure to take a hard-line position against Malaysia. Additionally, there is a wealth of relevant regional and global state practice to draw upon.

isu ambalat pdf editor

Comment by DescuemDerb — May 20, 7: Will come back soon. Comment by indah — April 16, 6: Many of the estimated one million illegal workers in Malaysia are Indonesian. Nevertheless, the exploitation of energy resources can also foster cooperation among states.

Posted by Malaysian Unplug at Nonetheless, both sides declared ambaat intention to continue their patrols in the disputed area in order to emphasize their claims. Department of Defense, or the U.

Ambalat represents the first territorial challenge that the new Indonesian President has faced, and as such has been regarded as a test of his statesmanship and resolve on the sensitive question of national sovereignty.

Unlike the South China Sea island disputes, the Ambalat dispute is non-territorial in nature, and the parties are concerned not with sovereignty ambxlat se, but with their overlapping claims to continental shelf iu EEZ within which they have specific sovereign rights.


Future growth predictions vary, but all show spiraling demand: This claim has always seemed most likely to cause trouble in the near term. Coba dong, ulas teori politik internasional punya Kenneth Waltz Comment by sholi — August 31, The area is believed to contain large iwu and oil deposits.

The possible loss of isolated, peripheral islands has provoked serious concern in Indonesia, given that the Indonesian archipelago is made up of an estimated 17,plus islands of which only about 3, are inhabited.

Comment by Merah putih — June 4, 5: You are commenting using your WordPress. In this context, exploration for seabed hydrocarbon resources is often seen as a key way to reduce supply uncertainty, a fact which gives maritime jurisdictional disputes an energy security dimension.

Comment by cata — June 13, 7: Bung, Bagus euy blognya… Kebetulan saya juga tertarik dengan isu-isu hubungan internasional dan internasional politik. This factor, combined with advances in drilling technologies, has driven exploration efforts in deep and ultra-deep offshore regions, making areas such as Ambalat attractive where previously interest had ambalay limited.

The dispute has therefore witnessed repeated claims and counter-claims regarding violations of national sovereignty, multiple diplomatic protests, and an alarming military build-up in the disputed area. There have also been moves to establish energy stockpiles as a means to limit the impact of possible interruptions to supply.


Moreover, the two sides have too much to lose economically were the dispute to escalate. There are strong reasons to believe that a diplomatic resolution to the dispute will eventually emerge. He specializes in research on the delimitation of international maritime boundaries and related oceans policy. Both nations have awarded oil concessions to companies, but no one is willing to search for oil until the diplomatic, and military, friction is taken care of.