Untitled – ARFI. CATALOGO _indd – Sanitas · sanitas. _indd – Sanitas. CATALOGO CONSTRULITA Catalogo indd – La Alacena. CATALOGO _indd – Sanitas · CATALOGO _indd – Sanitas. CATALOGO CONSTRULITA Catalogo indd – La Alacena. Dirección de Arte, Stand Construlita, ELA a project by lizvazquez. Domestika is the Jefe de Maquetación Catálogo Travers Tool. A Editorial Design.

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Este proceso debe contemplar los aspectos siguientes: Cuerpo en acero formado. Para aplicaciones especiales cualquier otro diferente a los enunciados anteriormente. Tabla 1-Especificaciones que deben cumplir los luminarios para interiores y exteriores. The result, an ethereal effect, where the fitting and its luminance are deconstructed. H max 2,5 m. Light Engine is the source of light in fiber construlitx system.

Dirección de Arte, Stand Construlita, ELA 2012

This image cannot currently be displayed. General requirements and tests y difiere en lo siguiente: Berlino large The Berlino has an innovative design, combining state-of-art technology with a wide range of sizes and optics. Nightspot A2 Floodlights for LEDs and high pressure discharge lamps Nightspot A2 Nightspot A2 Floodlights for LEDs and high pressure discharge lamps Nightspot floodlights are available with rotationally symmetrical reflectors in different sizes for metal halide lamps and More information.


Cuerpo en extruido de aluminio. Start display at page:. The LINK series, available as a suspension lamp in three versions and a flo lamp, was designed More information.

Flamingo Design by Antoni Arola Flamingo Mayfair Wireflow the latest The challenge, to project onto the shade instead of cztalogo the light source. Para efectos de este Proyecto de Norma Oficial Mexicana esta muestra es representativa del producto, elegido de manera aleatoria, de un lote a partir del cual todos tienen la misma probabilidad de ser elegidos.

Sombras y Strip lines

Available with different finishes. Fluxa Area floodlights for high pressure discharge lamps and LEDs Fluxa Area floodlights for high pressure discharge lamps and s Fluxa is a series of fonstrulita floodlights with symmetrical or wide beam reflectors.

Para los luminarios alimentados por c. Con base en lo anterior, se establecen las vigencias siguientes: H min 0,46 m.

The series, designed for LZF by, comprises a suspension lamp available in three different. Echo Velocity A unique asymmetric luminaire combining an architecturally pleasing organic form with a palette of optical options, Velocity provides three distinct light distributions created with premium.


Printed with soy inks. Methods by which a lighting device controls distribution of light from the source.

DOF – Diario Oficial de la Federación

Flexible luxury in consteulita efficiently minimal package Switch X Flexible luxury in an efficiently minimal package A scalable lighting fixture that can be tailored to fit any envrionment Remarkably capable yet incredibly simple Arm Rotation Direct or More information. Designers can create light output that can be varied and also programmed to appropriate Pantone More information.

Ideal for lobbies, corridors, and office spaces, they are also More information.

Estas pruebas consisten en: G5 Cyclo Series TM 1 The Cyclo Series provides a simple dynamic lighting solution for stores and other commercial applications, with a fluorescent linear luminaire that uniformly washes surfaces in colour More information. Concordancia con normas internacionales. Saturn Cutoff Order Code: Self watering system except to AIRE.

Este sistema debe contemplar los aspectos siguientes: