First Published In: Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, October , pp. Collections: Azazel; Science Fiction by Asimov. Anthologies: Asimov’s. Azazel Stories. One Night of Song (Apr ) To the Victor (Jul ) The Dim Rumble (Oct ) The Smile that Loses (Nov ) Saving Humanity (Sep ). George Bitternut, an eccentric linguist and deadbeat, stumbles onto an ancient incantation that calls forth the diminutive demon Azazel. With Dr. Asimov himself .

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After Azazel arranges things, poor Mordecai finds himself with no wasted time whatsoever–and thus no time to think up any ideas.

Isaac Asimov’s Short Fiction: Azazel Stories

Lists with This Book. This is light fiction, mere amusement — but I find Asimov a very companionable writer, one whose offhand comments match my taste for humorous storytelling. He continued writing until just a few years before his death from heart and kidney failure on April 6, I said, ‘Listen you screwball creep, you ain’t going to get me on no slow boat to China so I can be all to yourself alone.

Jenkins Archived July 1,at the Wayback Machine. Asimov fans, or anybody with a sense of humor and an ability to suspend disbelief The stories here are short, light and easily read in one sitting. The humour in this book is throughout sarcastic, something that I personally enjoy a lot.

I try hard not to believe what my friend George tells me. If I think about the robot stories, I remember many plot pieces, their impact, some of their characters, their imaginative and provoking or their unrealistic “what if”. De ese modo, cuando le siguen pasando cosas malas, sigue siendo divertido.


Science Fiction by Asimov [5]. To a friend suffering from writers’ block on a novel, he promises him boundless creativity Do you remember the old saying: The title character is a two-centimeter tall demon who belongs to George, a friend of the narrator Asimov. Paperbackpages. Sep 30, Alfaniel Aldavan added it Shelves: Other times, the wish succeeds brilliantly but it is George’s covert desires that are stymied.

Mordecai Sims, an impatient writer of articles, desires the ability to manage his time better–no waiting in line, or for cabs, or elevators, or whatever. InAsimov wrote an additional Foundation novel, Foundation’s Edge, which won the Hugo for best novel of that year.

He’s going on an oil freighter. He has works published in nine of the ten major categories of the Dewey Decimal System lacking only an entry in the s category of Philosophy. Azazel Isaac Asimov No preview available – Apr 04, Fernando rated it liked it. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Less is more, so to speak. After all, how much variation of the theme can there be?

Not Asimov’s best, but a must read if you really like Asimov. Please provide an email address.

Inthis trilogy won asimo Hugo award for best all-time science fiction series. Some of these stories were collected in Azazelfirst published in Asimov himself as eager audience, George recounts 18 episodes of life with Azazel–disastrous, hilarious episodes that could come only from science fiction’s most fertile imagination.

I must have read these stories many years ago, and all I remember is Azazel, the two-centimeter red demon. The stories are somewhat predictable and silly, it’s a light asimlv.


AZAZEL by Isaac Asimov | Kirkus Reviews

The misfires are never predictable; sometimes they’re simplistic, caused by George not phrasing his request wisely enough; other times, the fulfilled wishes xsimov produce unexpected results. Questiono-me o que iisaac se tivesse oportunidade de pedir um favor a Azazel. That image is imprinted in my brain, and nothing else. There are eighteen pretty funny stories here about how things tend to go pear-shap I try hard not to believe what my friend George tells me.

View all 3 comments. Asimov won numerous awards and honors for his books and asimof, and he is considered to be a leading writer of the Golden Age of science fiction. But, what happens when Azazel won’t be around the next time? Isn’t it weird, to remember almost nothing, of something you know you knew? By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Isaac Asimov’s Short Fiction: Azazel Stories

Scithers and Darrell Schweitzereds. He said he wants to cross the Pacific and go to Hong Kong. Other reviews say these stories share the common theme of the jinn granting wishes, which turn out differently than aeimov grantee expected. Azazel will do favors for other people at George’s request, purely for philanthropoic reasons.