View Notes – Asa Di Var – Eng-Rom-Gurm from MATH at Johns Creek High School. Asa Dee Vaar (From SGGS Page line 17 to page line 10). Stream Bhagatjot Singh – Asa Dee Vaar by Camp Chardi Kala from desktop or your mobile device. Asa Dee Vaar. (From SGGS Page line 17 to page line 10). ik-oNkaar sat naam kartaa purakh nirbha-o nirvair akaal moorat ajoonee saibhaN gur.

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It is not right for any one to pass judgment on or vilify others. They meditate on the Truest of the True.

So why call her bad? He Himself creates, and then He Himself destroys. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Even if you remove the signs of old age, old age shall still come in the guise of death.

The false find no place there, and they go to hell with their faces blackened. Men, trees, sacred shrines of pilgrimage, banks of sacred rivers, clouds, fields. Even holy persons, who are outwardly very good and kind, often suffer from religious pride. Speaking falsehood, they take their food. The description of the greatness of the Great Lord cannot be described.


He goes to hell naked, and he looks hideous then. O Nanak, the Lord is fearless and formless; myriads of others, like Rama, are mere dust before Him. Those who planted their seed have departed with honor; now, how can the shattered seed sprout? Wonderful is union, and wonderful is separation.

There are so many stories of Krishna, so many who reflect over the Vedas. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: But it is then thrown into a filthy place — whose fault is this? Its fruits are tasteless, its flowers are nauseating, and its leaves are useless. They embrace love for the Lord, and contemplate beholding Him.

Bhagatjot Singh – Asa Dee Vaar by Camp Chardi Kala | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Having created the beings within it, He oversees their birth and death. The Lord is fearless and formless; His Name is True. O Nanak, only the True Lord is without a woman. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Email required Address never made public. From her, kings are born.

Greed and sin are the king and prime minister; falsehood is the treasurer. The filth of falsehood departs, and the body is washed clean. He enshrines the Name of the Lord in his mind.

O Nanak, without treatment, the raw fabric cannot be dyed. The Truth of Truths is pervading everywhere.


Asa Di Vaar

Thereafter, all Sikh places of worship came to be known as gurdwaras. Image Of The Undying. You read your books and say your prayers, and then engage in debate.

The good ones, who are absorbed in The Truth, do service; They do no evil; They travel on the right path and do what is just; They break worldly bonds. Under ethical teaching, we find the Guru’s emphasis is on over comings one’s ego by humility, truth, virtue, holy living and keeping the company of saints. Renounce false greed, and meditate single-mindedly on the unseen Lord.

> Asa di Var English Translation

You behold Your creation, like the losing and winning dice of the earth. It does not break, it cannot be soiled by filth, it cannot be burnt, or lost. The Creator who created the creation, takes care of it as well.

False is the king, false are the subjects; false is the whole world. In ego they love Maya, and in ego they are kept in darkness by it.