A tender and revealing set of stories by the uniquely delicate Bosnian writer, Alma Lazarevska. Avoiding the easy traps of politics and blame, she reveals a world. I just finished my first Istros book – Death in the Museum of Modern Art () by Bosnian writer Alma Lazarevska (information about her is. “Often regarded as one of the pioneers of women’s war writing in Bosnia- Herzegovina, Lazarevska represents an alternative to the heroic war discourse.

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Uvijek ponovo budem fascinirana ulogom jezika. This winter marked the thirtieth anniversary of the Winter Olympic Games, and next year it will be twenty years since the signing of the Dayton Agreement. Bio je veoma u fokusu. Nisam lovac na senzacionalne zaplete, bizarnosti i teme.

But not out lazarrvska lies. I never rush to conclusions. It is dedicated to publishing high-quality works that can transcend national interest and speak in the common voice of human experience.

And I like that there is something on which I disagree with my favorite author. Return to Book Page. The short stories of Bruno Schulz and Kafka’s Diaries are always at my fingertips.


Lazarevska Alma Archives | Eurozine

The boy rarely goes out now. Ethnicity is most often the basis for group cohesion, but behind it there are self-serving interests. Yet, we can feel that everything occurs under the shadow of snipers, and bombs.

There is also an apparent lazadevska to mention and discuss Srebrenica for personal promotion. Hence, the short story is my favorite. In a benevolent sense of the word, of course.

Tender Tales from the Siege of Sarajevo: “Death in the Museum of Modern Art” by Alma Lazarevska

A writer carries in her baggage, lqzarevska if she does not realize it, her readings. I have been a reader ever since I have known myself. In the besieged Sarajevo, I cannot really explain why, I was haunted by something that happened in Besides, I wrote several short stories in which the first-person narrator was a man. And when you write with that in mind, you are no longer in the realm of literature, but commerce.

Even today I would say that I admire the Coen brothers’ films, every single one.

Alma Lazarevska

I’m reciting at random. That could possibly be madness, quirkiness. Melissa marked it as to-read Nov 04, That is what critics do with varied degrees of success. To learn more about the Bosnian War, check out the following links: Woman and boy walking by a window with bullet holes?


Alma Lazarevska

One of the hundred inhabitants of the besieged city who had been asked [the question How would you like to die? Open Preview See a Problem? And he is my favorite. I was almost unaware of it, but today in the hindsight, after much had been published on the siege of Sarajevo, I am glad I did so.

Follow on Facebook and Twitter. Ali ne bilo kakva pisma i ne bilo kakve dnevnike. So very poorly told.

He wrote a play that was performed here. Then red-hot balls will no longer be falling on the besieged city and people in it will not die from tiny pieces of hot iron in their bodies. I truly love his book Speak, Memory. A writer is not someone who recites what she sees and what she notices. And I do not like when someone forces books on me. I respect any attentive reading.